Anstett, Jesse




Piscatway students seeking success
Contact Information

Room E131

Phone number: (732) 981-0700

Extension 2067

Best time to reach me:  

I am available before and 

after school all days except TUESDAY by appointment.

English Department 
 Classroom Policies:

  1. All school rules apply.  
  2. Being on time means being ready in your seat by the bell.
  3. Major assignments are due on the assigned dates even if you are not in school that day.
  4. You have a chance at redemption on all work.  All work should be handed in, even if you are handing it in late.  You will get some credit on that work.  All major assignments must be completed, late or not. Finally, all work can be revised for your benefit and to show me what you have learned.
  5. If you miss work due to absence, you have the number of days you were absent to make up that work.
  6. Work can be handed in via email or on paper.
  7. We will be using Turnitin this year.  Plagiarism will not be an issue. 
  8. Respect your classmates at all times.
  9. Maintain your student responsibilities of punctuality, attentiveness, effort, and inquisitiveness.