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U.S. History II/Mock Trial; U.S> History I
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Hello, I would like to welcome you to U.S. History for the 2016-2017 School Year. It is my desire to give your child an exciting and challenging experience this school year in U.S. History.  My goal is to challenge my students as individuals and watch them grow and mature into young adults who will leave my class with a greater respect for history and the lessons that can be learned from studying such a worth while discipline. I expect students to be prepared, on time for class, and to complete all assignments at the time in which they are due.  I look forward to meeting and speaking with you throughout the school year, and I am truly excited about the opportunity to teach your child this school year.

                        Grading Schema:


The following grading scheme will remain the same for each of the four marking periods:


10% - Homework

30% - Writing Task

30% - Projects/Class work

30% - Quizzes, DBQs, and Tests


In accordance with school policy, the following grade distribution will be used to calculate the final grade for this course:


22% - First Marking Period

22% - Second Marking Period

22% - Third Marking Period

22% - Fourth Marking Period

12% - Final Examination
*No Mid term exam for the 2015-16 School Year


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