Foglyano, Scott

Welcome to

Mr. Foglyano's

English Class

English 1 Academic
--Periods 1, 4, and 5
English 1 Honors--Period 6 and 7
Journalism--Periods 2

Grading Schema

Homework 10%
Classwork 10%
Quizzes 20%
Writing 30%
Projects* 30%

*For marking period 1 only, 5% of marking period average is determined by the Summer Reading Project.      

Contact Information
Email Address:
Phone number:  (732) 981-0700 ext. 7002
Best time to reach me: Any day after 7:00 AM in 107, or after school by appointment. 
**Best way for parents & students to reach me:  Use the school email address.  I check it very frequently!   

Welcome to English and Journalism for the 2015-2016  school year! 

Classroom Announcements & Special Projects:

See Calendar on "English 1 Handouts" Page for Class Activities,  Homework Assignments, and due Dates

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