Frederick, Gradie
Work together to succeed together!
I work as a partner on teams with
Mrs. Diaz for Honors World Cultures (Periods 7)
Dr. Cetta in Honors World Cultures (Periods 1 & 3)

I, also, teach US History 1 and World Cultures.
Here are the syllabi for each each course:
US History 1 RP Syllabus
World Cultures RP Syllabus

Contact Information
Best way to reach me is email at:
My phone number is 732-981-0700 x7178

I have a Masters of Education from Rutger's University and a Bachelor of Arts in History from Bucknell University.
Before coming into teaching, I worked in a range of areas - technical education, product management, information technology, telecommunications, finance and state government.
I am certified in with a Students with Disability Certification, K-12 History, K-8 Science, K-8 Math, and Elementary Education.
I am committed to working with others - especially parents and other student-concerned adults - to insure that all students can succeed through respect, choice, and the acceptance of responsibility.
Classroom Quick Links
"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men [and women]."
Frederick Douglass