Garbarini, Kim
aChemistry students:  Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year.  

Welcome to Mrs. Garbarini's Science classroom!
Academic Chemistry and Honors Chemistry

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Phone number:  732-981-0700 ext. 7071
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Welcome Back!  This year in Chemistry, we will be covering many topics including states of matter, atoms, the periodic table, etc.  During the first marking period, we will be completing a project making index cards about many elements, polyatomic ions, and organic prefixes and compounds (honors only)! 



Online textbooks:

Academic Chemistry 
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password – piscataway2013

  • Homework is posted daily on my board and on schoology.
  • Homework will not be accepted late.
  • Lab reports loose 10% per day late as well as late projects.
  • Students have 1 full cycle to complete their lab report after completing the actual lab during their lab period in school.


Grading Scheme    
Honors Chemistry
60% tests
20% lab reports
10% homework/ classwork
10% Marking period Project
  Academic Chemistry
50% Tests
30% Lab reports
10% homework/ classwork
10% Marking period project