Hayes, Daniel

Physics & Astronomy

ROOM G112 & C164


Honors Physics (Rm G112)
Period 1   Lab Period 2  A day
Period 3   Lab Period 2  D day
Period 6   Lab Period 7  G day
Astronomy__(Rm. C164)
Period 5    

Grading Schema (Physics & Astronomy)
Class participation, class preparedness, homework            5%   
Quizzes                                                                                        30%
Tests                                                                                              40%
Lab reports                                                                                   25%
Projects: Projects  will be assigned to LAb or test category.
Extra credit assignments are available with advance agreement.
Details are presented in syllabus.

Calculators: Students are expected to have calculators everyday!  Phone calculators are insufficient and will not be permitted for assessments.  See grading policy for more information.  Bring a calculator everyday!!!!

Extra help: Thursday or by appointment. I am available virtually everyday after school. Tuesdays are faculty meetings.  

Contact Information
Email is the absolute best.
Email Address: dahayes@pway.org
Phone: 732-981-0700 x 7181


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Physics & Astronomy


Classroom Announcements:
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Tips to manage your grade
 * Be present.  Be interested!!
 * Keep a notebook
 * Complete assignments
 * Do the little things
        Ask questions often.
        Be neat. Be on time.
  * Learn something new - everyday!