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Welcome to the world of Computer Science.

Academic year 2016-17 brings lots of excitement and hope for the bright future of computer science at PHS. Our efforts to get more underrepresented students in computer science have started to deliver. This is the first year when 31% APCS students are females. 

During academic year 2016-17, I will be teaching AP Computer Science, Introduction to Computer Science, and App Development.  Goal of this year will be to expand reach of computer science beyond the walls of the high school. This year we plan to run a hackathon at PHS, with goal to introduce more middle and high school students. 

This year we have expanded the CS curriculum offered at PHS to include APCSP. AP Computer Science Principles is language agnostic AP level course. Goal of this course is to make students familiar with the broader domain of Computer Science and not specifically with any particular language. 

Computer Science Achievements 2016

We had an excellent 2015, with so many more students getting involved with Computer Science. 

This year 4 female students from PHS were the winners of NCWIT Award for the state of NJ, 3 of these Students were National Runner Up. Students from PHS made up 12% of the total winners for the state of NJ. 

Winners for the school year 2016 from PHS: 
Roshni Shah
Chandini Patel
Amber Rawson
Sara Koshy

This year again our students participated in Verizon App Challenge, In addition, our students participated in and won various other competitions and projects:
             > Princeton Engineering Olympics
             > Moody’s Mega Math Challenge
             > Various Hackathon’s

This year again we will be running Computer Science Club. Club will meet in Room D222 every Monday from 2-3.  

Have a Great Year

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