Welcome to Ms.Syed's Classroom!

                 Grade(s)/Subjects(s): 10 & 11
                Period 1- Bio/Chem (Rm.109)
                Period 2 - Bio/Chem (Rm.109)
                Period 3 - Conceptual Chemistry
               Period 5 - Conceptual Chemistry
               Period 7 - Chemistry (Rm.109)
                              Contact Information
                    Email Address: asyed@pway.org
                    Phone number: 732-981-0700 x 7037
                Best time to reach me:
               Email is the best  way to reach me any time  during the day.
               I will respond back within 24 hours.



Welcome to the school year 2015-2016!
This is my third year at Piscataway High School and my sixth year of teaching. I am excited to  meet my new students and make this year a  memorable one! The links on the side will connect you to my classes.
Have a Great Year!

   Classroom Quick  Links

Period 1 & 2 BioChem
Period 3 & 5 Conceptual Chemistry

Period 7 - Chemistry
  Classroom Announcements & Special Projects:

Classroom Grading policy
RP Biochem
Homework 10%
Classwork - 40%
Assessment - Quiz test 25%
PBL Projects - 25%


Afterschool Tutoring in Rm.176   on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2 - 3 pm.