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Academic Chemistry
Conceptual Chemistry

Welcome to Chemistry.  
I look forward towards a fun and exciting year. 

We are starting the 1st Marking Period,
The topics to be taught are: 

Chapter 1, Introduction to Chemistry 

Chapter 2, Matter and Change 

Chapter 3, Scientific Measurement 

Chapter 4, Atomic Structure 


In the 2nd Marking Period we studied: 

Chapter 5, Electrons in Atoms  

Chapter 6, The Periodic Table 

Chapter 7, Ionic Bonding 

Chapter 8, Covalent Bonding 


In the 3rd Marking Period. 

Chapter   9, Chemical Names & Formulas 

Chapter 11, Chemical Reactions 

Chapter 10, Chemical Quantities 

Chapter 12, Stoichiometry 


In the 4th Marking Period. 

            Chapter 14, The Behavior of Gases
            Chapter 13, Liquid & Solids

              Chapter 15, Water & Aqueous Systems
              Chapter 16, Solutions 

Chapter 19, Acids & Bases & Salts 


Thank you  




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Grading Scheme (Academic & Conceptual)

40% ... Average Major Tests
20% ... Average Quizzes
20% ... Average Laboratory
10% ... Class Participation
10% ... Homework

Note: Projects will be scored as a major test.