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This pages is for Students and Parents of Mr. Viney's 9th Grade Honors World Cultures and 11th Grade US History II Classes.
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IMPORTANT! World History and US II Students. Please access your Edmodo Account here: 

Greetings Parents and Students!
Welcome to the 2015-2016 academic year at PHS!  My name is Mr. L-Mani S. Viney and I am one of Piscataway High School's Teacher of Social Studies. For this year I will be teaching 9th Grade World History Honors and US History II for Upperclassmen.
For Students
As a 9th grade student entering into Piscataway HS, let me be one of the first to say "hello!" That said, please understand that you are about to embark on a new and exciting journey as both a person and student. Over the next four years your growth in your work and personally will be the main determinants of your life after high school. So stay focused and keep your priority on your work and your future.

For our Upperclassmen, welcome back! By now you know EXACTLY what you have to do. For Juniors, recognize that this is by far the most critical year in which Colleges and Universities review your academic transcripts. Therefore it is highly important that your remain extremely disciplined in achieving academic success.  For Seniors you have finally reached that time when you realize how fast time has flown and that you are now on the path to transitioning from High School to College and the real world. Just like Juniors you too must stay focused and disciplined on handling your work and priorities so that you can close our your high school years on a strong note!

For Parents 
Parents. What a job you have! As the times in education have changed so has the responsibilities and duties of all of us. More and more jobs now require a college degree and obtaining that degree means making sure that our students, your young men and women, have been equipped with the skills and rigorous work in order to succeed in Post-Secondary Education.  As a "teammate" of yours in helping your child succeed please be sure to stay on top of them and communicate with me and all of their teachers in order for them to have a great and successful outcome!

About World and US History II:
Every year I make it a point to combine the great historical content with current events. In addition, every year I have a theme. For both subjects the theme this year is Social Justice. 

That is to say we will look at history and current events through the lens of how they have affected people and society overall. With so many events happening today that affect us in everyday life it is important that we discuss and debate these matters. 

Social Justice is important also because not only does it make the work relevant to the student but also because it makes us all more informed and responsible citizens in the world as we know it. I truly believe in the saying that "one person can make a difference" and in teaching history through the lens of social justice how great is it to have many individuals who may go out there and change the world for better.

Syllabus for World History and US History II
Here are the Syllabus for both the World History and US II Classes

Viney syllabus 2015-2016.pdf

Online Enrichment Classes
In order to assist student beyond the classroom I am holding enrichment classes online through the program Edmodo. With the online classes student can, through their labtop or cell phone, communicate with other students, access online resources for tests or projects or discuss issues or questions with myself. 

Each student has been assigned an Edmodo account and can access it here at Edmodo


If you have any questions you are always welcome to ask! My email is
Mr. Viney