Life in Black and Gold - Season 3 Episode 7
Black and Gold - S3E7
Posted on 04/25/2018
    ‚ÄčThis student produced TV show hosted by Chris Almeida and Danny Allen was directed and edited by Savion Davenport . It features the following events & activities at Piscataway High School:
    • Highlights from the recent Broadway Cabaret Show; 
    • The PHS Theater Production Workshop presentation of "The Bright Blue Mailbox Suicide Note" with commentary by Director, Mr. Mike Yoson, and participating students; 
    • the prom fashion show; 
    • a tribute to winter sports; 
    • a slideshow of some of the pictures taken during the Barcelona exchange program; 
    • descriptions of the three short films PHS broadcasting students produced for the Ten day Film Challenge that made it as finalists in the state competition; 
    • and an excerpt from the first episode of a new podcast series, "We The People: Teen Views on Contemporary Issues" that is produced by the advanced TV classes. 
    The show can also be viewed on Cablevision Channel 15 and Verizon Channel 40 on Saturday afternoons at 12:30pm.

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