Senior Project


What is the Senior Project? 

The Piscataway High School English Department is in the third year of its institution of the 

Senior Project. In addition to a traditional English research paper, students have the option to 

select either a content-specific research paper or a content-specific project. The second two 

options give students the choice to select a topic they would like to learn more about and either 

do research or complete a project on that particular subject. Both additional options require 

students to have a PHS teacher mentor. All seniors must complete a proposal for the 

paper/project and it must be approved by his/her English teacher/mentor. The final component 

of the project includes a presentation to the student’s English class.

Download the Senior Project Handbook HERE for more details. 

**Students interested in completing Option #3 must attend a mandatory Homeroom Meeting on Friday, January 18, 2017 in the F-100 during Homeroom 1. Students who do not attend this meeting will be unable to complete Option #3. 

Using the link below, please register for this meeting by Wednesday, January 6, 2017 so we can generate passes for attendance. 


Senior Project Coordinators:
Joshua Longo
Michelle Klastava