Academic Syllabus & Grading Policy


  • Immediately after entering room, pick up handouts from front table.
  • Sit in assigned seat
  • Place on your desk/table:

                    - 3 Ring Binder, open to where we left off yesterday

                    - Writing Tool

                    - Assignment Pad: Record the homework for the day

                    - Completed Homework: out and ready to be collected or checked

  • Check the front screen for DO NOW or further instructions
  • Raise your hand to ask questions or contribute to discussions. One person speaks at a time.
  • Remain seated until dismissed.
  • Respect EVERYONES right to be heard and to learn.
  • BE KIND.


  • First: Reminder of appropriate behavior
  • Second: Parent Contact
  • Third: Parent Contact & Teacher Detention
  • More??: Administrative Referral
  • Do not mistreat or say any negative comments to any individuals in the class… all.
  • Cheating (sharing?): all parties involved receive a zero for the assignment(s). Assignments that are identical or nearly identical (with similar sentence syntax and spelling errors) will be considered “shared”. Photocopies of all papers involved will be available for parental and/or administrative examination.


5% Class Participation & Class Preparedness

10% Homework

                10% Research Project(s) – Current Events and Term Projects

                10% Do Now/Class Assignments

                30% Assessments (Tests, quizzes, etc.)

                35% Lab Reports & Lab Participation 


Late work:              *No loss of credit due to absence IF Genesis indicates that the absence is “excused”.

                                *10% for EVERY DAY assignment is late (even if class doesn’t meet); 5 day maximum. Assignment will not be taken after.


Extra Help & Extra Credit:

Extra help: any day before school in room 152 of the West Wing (Patton Wing) by appointment and after school by previous arrangement (except Tuesdays due to faculty meetings)

 Office Hours:        Monday = 1:50 to 3:00

Tuesday = None (Department Meetings @ 2)

                Wednesday = 1:50 to 3:00

Thursday = By Appointment Only

Friday = Emergency Appointments ONLY

*All appointments should be made at least one day in advance to preferred day; Friday are reserved for Emergency or Teacher made appointments; morning appointments must be scheduled a one or two days in advance if mornings are preferred.

Extra credit assignments: available to all students on a regular basis