Dreher, Timothy

Welcome to Mr.Dreher's Chemistry Classroom
 Room G109

Class Schedule

Academic Chemistry

Period 4 - Lab Period 5 Day G
Period 6 - Lab Period 5 Day D

Conceptual Chemistry

Period 1 - Lab Period 2 Day B
Period 3 - Lab Period 2 Day E

Contact Information:
E-mail: tdreher@pway.org
Phone: 732-981-0700 x7070

Great additional Resources

Grading Distribution for each marking period:
      Conceptual Chemistry

  • 40% Tests
  • 40% Laboratory Reports and Projects
  • 10 % In Class Assignments
  • 10 % Homework

      Academic Chemistry

  • 50% Tests
  • 30% Laboratory Reports 
  • 10 % Projects
  • 10 % Homework & Classwork

Above are some of the best additional chemistry resource I have found in the past few years

Power point Presentations


Academic Chemistry (Click the class)
Conceptual Chemistry (Click the class)

Additional information 
1. Please have some form of working calculator for class.
2. If any additional help is needed please contact me as soon as possible
3. I am always willing to help if there is any way I can
4. Always ask questions especially if you are confused
5. If you know you are going to be absent please email before hand so I can make arrangements for you