Joi Fisher - Assistant Principal

Welcome to Piscataway High School! I am a new member of the PHS Family and the Assistant Principal for the Class of 2020. I have been in the field of education for over 20 years and my experiences have been with students and staff across the K-12 environment. I am very excited to be a part of your journey as you enter high school as a member of the Class of 2020.

Piscataway High School is a very large campus with a number of opportunities for you to explore. Take a look at the video clips on our website and you will see some of the classes and extra-curricular activities offered at PHS. I also encourage you to take a look at the video of our graduates. It may seem like you have been in school forever.  From K-8th grade, you have completed nine years of school, and now you have four years to go. Soon you will understand why we say four years is going to go by very quickly.

Two messages to freshman always includes a reminder that “Everything Counts!” “Do What’s Right, Not What’s Easy.” You have to show up in September on fire, ready to take advantage of every opportunity that Piscataway High School has to offer. As a proud parent of three graduates of PHS, I can say when they graduated they were more than prepared for the academic rigor of college as well as for the demands of collegiate sports. The ball is now in your court; it is time for you to meet with your teachers, time for you to make appointments with your counselors, time for you to get involved, time for you to monitor your grades, and time for you to be an independent thinker - we are preparing you for life. High school will give you some of the best opportunities to develop your critical thinking and decision making skills. WE are here to help you, lead you, guide you, challenge you, and encourage you along the way. A sign in my office says “Dreams don’t work unless YOU DO.” So, let’s get ready to work, Class of 2020.

I love music, the arts and sports, and at PHS sporting events, one of the chants you will hear is a call and response “Pway”- “YOU KNOW.” But what is it that we know? We know our students have a strong academic foundation, We know we are creating good citizens, We know that our staff are highly equipped and qualified to teach and nurture students, We know that we have community support, We know we have caring and supportive families, We know that on the field… on the court… and in the classroom we are competitive, and We know that there is something special about being a Chief. Welcome to the land of Black and Gold! Class of 2020, Make Every Day Count. THE CHOICE IS YOURS!


Yours in Education,

Joi R. Fisher

Assistant Principal, Class of 2020