High School Teacher Technology Needs Assessment
High School Technology Needs Survey


1. Department


2. Years Teaching  


3. With a scale as 5 being extremely proficient ininfusing technology to accelerate learning, and 1 being somewhat of a beginner to infusing technology to accelerate learning, how would you score your level of technology proficiency?


4. Where, do you feel, technology could serve to accelerate teaching/ learning in your classroom?  

5. With the exception of requiring more hardware, what are potential barriers to infusing technology to accelerate learning in your classroom?


6. Relating to professional learning, what would you consider your greatest area of need in order to infuse technology to accelerate learning in your classroom? Please consider these UDL principles in your answer:

Representation (the “what” of learning)

Action and Expression (the “how” of learning)

Engagement (the “why” of learning)


7. What do you feel are your technology strengths?

8. Would you be willing to provide technology professional development? 




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