PHS Safety and School Climate Information

Dear Piscataway High School Family: 

As we begin the New Year, I thought this would be a good time to share with everyone some of our policies and procedures established to provide a safe and welcoming school environment. We work hard every day to ensure that Piscataway High School is a place where teachers can teach and students can learn. Our climate promotes the success of students, allowing them to reach their fullest potentials. Our goals for a safe school environment are: to ensure that the school is free of violence and crime; to create a positive and welcoming school climate; to maintain this type of atmosphere at all times; to remove all fear and intimidation; and to maintain a drug-free environment. Basically, we address safety issues from two distinct areas, hardware and culture. 

Some of the hardware we have in place: almost 200 cameras throughout the school and campus; magnetic locking doors, video cameras with intercom/buzz-in systems, and metal detecting wands. 

Our culture dictates that every child has the right to attend school free from fear, intimidation, and drugs. To this end we have: Clear Student Expectations; School Safety Committee; Crisis Management Team; Interagency Cooperation; and Vibrant System of Extra-Curricular Activities. Additionally, we have a security team of 9 trained and uniformed individuals and a full-time School Resource Officer (SRO). 

In the past, we have conducted practice sessions using our metal-detecting wands. These wands are similar to the ones used in airports, state and federal buildings, and at many hospitals and businesses. The students selected to participate in this drill were extremely cooperative and helped us to refine the procedure. 

Please be advised that possession of a weapon in school, either facsimile or real, will result in an immediate ten-day suspension. Additional consequences would be a 45-day interim placement and/or a one-year out-of-district placement. In all cases, police will be contacted to complete a report. Charges could result in being found guilty of a third or fourth degree offense punishable by up to two years in solitary confinement. 

I advise everyone that on various unannounced days at random locations we will be screening students with these metal detector wands. This is just another step in our quest to make our school as safe as possible for everyone. 

Random use of the wands will help us continue to keep weapons out of the school. Our administration, security team, and SRO will work diligently to keep the campus secure. With the cooperation of students, staff, and parents, we will be able to concentrate more fully on our prime goal, providing all students with the best possible education. 


Jason Lester