Schoology Teacher Survey
Schoology Teacher Survey


Primary Building 

  1. I primarily use Schoology for the following tasks: (click all that apply)  

      Student Correspondence

      Class Discussions

      Student Assessments

      Professional Responsibilities (submitting lesson plans)

      Other   (please explain)


  1. Are their any areas you would like to see for further professional learning opportunities regarding Schoology? 

          If yes, please describe  


  1.  Besides in-service days and department meetings, how many Schoology/ Technology school offerings have you been able to attend? 


  1.  Is there something that would assist you in productively utilizing Schoology further? 

          If yes, please explain:  

  1.   Are you able to gain access to building Schoologists/ resources appropriately?  

    Please list any additional comments that you feel could positively assist in the use of Schoology here at PHS:




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