The third episode of "Life in Black and Gold" is ready for viewing!
The third episode of "Life in Black and Gold" is ready for viewing!
Posted on 10/31/2017
Hi everyone, 
The latest episode of  "Life in Black and Gold" is ready for viewing at 

The show can also be watched on PCTV, Cable Channel 15 and channel 40 on Verizon on Saturday afternoons at 12:30pm.
This episode of "Life in Black and Gold" is hosted by Breanah Marcum and Stephen Roberson and was edited by Sam Wilkinson. It features the following events and activities at Piscataway High School:
  • cheerleader shout out 
  • an interview with Piscataway High School Teacher, Ms. Ber, who gives some of the background of Hispanic Heritage Month
  • a short video clip that addresses school violence in honor of school violence awareness week
  • boys soccer highlights
  • girls volleyball senior night highlights
  • varsity football highlights 
  • a promo for the Improv club.
  • a promo for the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)
  • this show's "Chief Spotlight" focuses on Student Entrepreneur, Justin Harris, who talks about his company, Justin's Hot Stuff
  • Chris Almeida and Barbara Ferguson review their top three favorite Halloween movies - reported by Robby Armas
  • a promo for the purchase of yearbooks - Don't be THAT girl!
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