Jason Lester - Principal

Mr. Lester

I am humbled and pleased to be the newly appointed Principal of one of the finest high schools in New Jersey. I have found this community of students, teachers, staff members and parents willing and ready to embrace my vision of excellence.

Persistence.  We will strive for excellence in everything we do.  Academically, we will promote creativity, collaboration, and reflective thinking.  Our plan is to strengthen our weaknesses and perfect our strengths.  We will continue to provide our students with a multitude of options as we develop them into fine solid citizens of this great country.  We will continue to strive to engage our students in a high quality of extracurricular activities and athletics.

Working hard and smart will be our trademark.  Building a solid work ethic is vital to all that we do in a now global economy.  Our teachers will challenge our students to do more than ever before.  Our students will accept and rise up to that challenge as we strive toward becoming a national model of excellence.

Awareness of those around us and those not as fortunate as us.  Our way of life is unique.  We embrace all who enter into our house of learning.  Our cultural differences have become a source of our strengths.  We will treat and respect ourselves as we would want to be treated.  We will celebrate our diversity.

Yearning desire to improve in all ways.  Our day-to-day operation is designed around being the best Chief possible.  Our students will be cultivated and nurtured to be leaders; forged from knowledge that the adults that care for them believe in them.

Strength and Honor  –  Go  P’WAY!