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Black History Month

Black History Month provides a time for all educators and students to acknowledge the  struggles of African Americans both past and current,  to remember the challenges African Americans have faced rising up from slavery to autonomy and to celebrate the contributions they have made to this nation and the world.

Our goal as a department is to ensure that all students, not just the African Americans, are aware of the full story of the African American experience through meaningful learning activities. We purpose to educate our young people this month and beyond, about the contributions of the African Diaspora to the stories and triumphs of this country and all of the events that continue to shape who we are as a people today.

PiscatawayReads 2019

PiscatawayREADS is a community-based initiative to promote reading and the enhancement of literacy among all its members.  Literacy, the ability to read, write, and communicate clearly, facilitates success in school and in life and guides us in social and cultural interactions.  

We invite students to attend and take part in discussions around this years theme: Journeys. The event will take place on April 10, 2019. Students will share their favorite books about journeys, as well as personal thoughts about journeys -- ones they have taken and ones they hope to take.

To read an article on last year's event, go to 
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Turnitin Feedback Studio

In support of Academic Integrity at Piscataway High School, Turnitin Feedback Studio will be used to review the papers that students submit in their English courses. Turnitin does not determine whether plagiarism has taken place or not. Turnitin will also not be used as a punitive tool or measure. The instructor of this class will use the reports that Turnitin generates as a basis of discussion for the thorough evaluation of the authenticity and the originality of a student's work.

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