"Life in Black and Gold" is back!
The first episode of "Life in Black and Gold" for this school year has just been posted.
Posted on 09/25/2017
Black and Gold
The first episode of  "Life in Black and Gold" for this school year is ready for viewing at 

Students are planning to produce a new episode every 2-3 weeks.
The show can also be watched on PCTV, Cable Channel 15 and channel 40 on Verizon on Saturday afternoons at 12:30pm.
This episode of the student-produced TV show is hosted by Robby Armas and Reese Garcia and was edited by Sam Wilkinson and Audrey Visscher.  It includes the following clips: 
  • Highlights from the PHS vs New Brunswick Varsity Football Game 
  • Tips on how to get PWAY-TV to produce a commercial for your club to be shown on "Life in Black & Gold" 
  • An interview with Mr. Zampella and band members about this year's Superchief Marching Band show, "War of the Worlds"; 
  • An interview with two members of the popular student dance group, Famous Takeover.