Cruz-Walsh, Judith

Welcome to 

Ms. Cruz-Walsh's Classroom


 Contact Information
  • Email:              
    (checked throughout the school day)
  • Phone:(732) 981-0700 Ext. 7011  
Afterschool availability:
Thursdays from 2pm-3pm 
Students must arrive by 2pm SHARP!           
Room 207 in Patton

  • English I
  • Honors English I

Grading Distribution:

The following grading scale is for each of the four marking periods:

10%   Homework, In-class work, Participation

30%   Quizzes

30%   Embedded Assessments

30%   Writing

Please review the class specific syllabus and classroom policies for further details on a course. 
I believe that the school year will be one of change and challenge, and both will be embraced in my classroom.
I see reading and writing as windows to personal and academic discovery.