Course Syllabus 2014-2015


Course Title: English III Academic/Honors


Course Description:

English III is a college preparatory survey course that covers the rich British Literary Tradition in a chronological manner.  Students will read, analyze, respond to, and discuss topics in British Literature as they prepare to take the HSPA and SAT. In addition to consistently working to improve the essay format, students will have the opportunity to sharpen their critical thinking, improve their vocabulary, and hone their writing skills.  All work is aligned to national Common Core reading, writing, speaking & listening, and language standards.


Core Texts:

  • Summer Reading Text: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime
  • Marking Period 1: Beowulf
  • Marking Period 2: The Canterbury Tales
  • Marking Period 3: Macbeth
  • Marking Period 4: Jekyll and Hyde


Textbooks: Prentice Hall: The British Tradition, Sadlier-Oxford Vocab F


Supplemental Texts: Frankenstein, 1984, Brave New World, Things Fall Apart


Writing Resources:

For writing guidelines and assistance, refer to the Piscataway Writer’s Handbook, available at:, visit the PHS “Writing Resources” site at, or register for a session in the Piscataway Writer’s Lab (


Teacher-       Mr. Hoek



Materials Needed:     notebook or binder, blue or black pens, journal

Grading Distribution

Essays/major writing assignments/ tests/ projects: 40%

Quizzes: 30%

Class assignments/ discussions: 20%

Homework: 10%







PHS English Department Writing Map Guidelines:

At the end of grade 11, students will                                                                               

  • formulate a clear thesis statement independently
  • compose analytical expository essays that demonstrate clear and logical development
  • provide appropriate textual support with analysis of its relevance to the thesis
  • organize essays independently
  • write essays that incorporate a variety of literary elements in analysis
  • close read text for literal meaning and analytical interpretation
  • explicate short and long passages of text
  • identify elements of an author's style

Composition Goals:

  • Analyze and revise writing to improve coherence, sentence variety, style, diction, use of literary elements, writer’s voice, and awareness of audience.
  • Focus on improving subtlety of meaning.

Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics Goals:

  • Apply Standards of English in writing by using correct subject/verb and pronoun/antecedent agreement, using the correct case of pronouns, using the correct forms of verbs, using verb tenses correctly, placing modifiers correctly, avoiding ambiguous, general, or weak pronoun references, demonstrating a well-developed knowledge of English syntax, subordinating and coordinating ideas correctly, using transitions for coherence, and excluding extraneous details, repetitious ideas and inconsistencies.

Required Writings:

  • Practice writing a personal essay, persuasive writing, narrative writing, poetry, journaling, and responses to text.
  • Focus on writing literary analysis, criticism, and a research paper













Classroom procedures and expectations:


  • Being on time means being ready in your seat by the bell.
  • Major assignments are due on the assigned dates even if you are not in school that day.
  • Late homework and classwork will be accepted with prior approval from the teacher; major assignments will be accepted with a minimum of a 10-point deduction from the grade that you would have received on the assignment.
  • If you miss work due to absence, you have the number of days you were absent to make up that work. It is your responsibility to show the teacher the completed assignment(s).
  • Work can be handed in via email or on paper; if you email an assignment, be sure to confirm that the email was received.
  • Respect your classmates at all times.


Academic Integrity policy:






  • Homework is worth 10% of the student’s grade. Please check the teacher’s website for specific homework assignments.
  • If you are absent, it is expected that you contact the teacher or check the teacher’s website for missed homework.
  • Late homework will be accepted with prior approval from the teacher