Shallan, Amani

Welcome to Ms. Shallan's Classroom

I would like to welcome all my students and parents to the the school year of 2019-2020. I am a Rutgers graduate of 2011 with B.A in Biological Sciences. I started at Piscataway High school 2015. I am looking forward to working with all of you my dear students and parents to have a unique and successful school year. 

Please feel free to contact me.
Best way to contact me anytime is via email

School Phone Number is 
(732) 981-0700 Ext. 7108
Room is located in the Patton wing, room 120

Learning Management System to which all assignments are posted and through which assignments may be submitted electronically. All students are expected to check Schoology daily. Parents may access their student’s Schoology information.

to log into Schoology please visit:

Grading Procedure:

Academic Biology:
10% Homework
10% Current Events, Research, Projects
10% Class Participation/Classwork
10% Formative Assessments (DO NOW Daily Quizzes)
30% Performance Assessments (Labs)
30% Summative Assessments (UNIT TESTS)

Honors Biology:
5% Homework
10% Current Events, Research, Projects
10% Formative Assessments (DO NOW Daily Quizzes)
25% Performance Assessments (Labs/ Classwork)
50% Summative Assessments (UNIT TESTS)

Honors classes: NO late work will be accepted

Extra Help:
Available after school by appointment 

Complete syllabus and Grading Policies Can be found within the link to the left entitled for Academic or Honors classes