Giacomarra, Charles


IED - Introduction to
         Engineering Design

POE - Principles of Engineering
Robotics Team 224 Advisor
 CAD Goggle Man
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Room G104 (new wing)
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Best way to reach me: by email please.

Please view my "Welcome to IED" presentation to see examples of material and projects that will be covered in all of my classes including POE & Architecture.
 Welcome to the world of technical design and Engineering.  Past summers I have spent 2 weeks at Penn State-Berks training for: Introduction to Engineering Design.  This class is focused on the Engineering Design process with 3D modeling using AutoCAD Inventor software.
AutoCAD Inventor 2014
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 Robotics Team 224

    I have also studied at Rowan University in the summer for the Principles of Engineering class.  Along with advanced CAD drawings , we will explore the construction and mathematical engineering principles of simple machines and robotics using VEX robotics kits.


What is
Project Lead The Way?

Please take the time to read the syllabus for the class you will be taking with me.  IED and POE students will be required to have a  graph paper, sewn binding, composition style 
 Engineering Notebook and file folder.
Architecture students will continue to use a 3-ring binder to document their progress and projects.  The binder will stay in the classroom and should not be used for any other subjects/ classes.
Also, bring plenty of #2 lead Pencils and erasers to aid in your sketching and planning projects.

Engineering Notebook example              

All students are welcome to take my classes, but please remember IED is the pre-requisite for POE (Principles of Engineering) and Architecture. 

IED and POE Grading Assessments:

Projects and assignments: 50%

Tests/Quizzes/Homework: 20%,    Engineering Notebook:   10%

Class Participation/Behavior: 20%

  • Grading rubrics will be provided.
  • Drawings submitted > 1 day from assigned due date =  minus 10 pts.

Uncompleted Assigned Drawings

  • Projects must be completed and will be penalized for lateness.
  • Engineering is a demanding profession.  Get used to it!
  • Students are welcome to use the computers in CAD lab after school to complete assigned drawings.