Leacy, Susan

Welcome to Mrs. Leacy's Classroom!

Subjects: Marketing, Cooperative Education, Student Option, School Store.
Email Address: sleacy@pway.org
Room E140.
Class Participation (on-time, etc..) 15%
Tests & Quizzes 15%
Projects 15%
School Store 15%
Final Project each marking period 25%
3 Main Rules...
RESPECT:  Treat all others, the way you want to be treated!                  
LEARN:  Come prepared to class, a place of learning.                             
STUDENT PARTICIPATION:  Class rules to be determined by you, be ready to participate.     

SCHOOL STORE NOW OPEN.  School supplies and spirt wear on sale.  Open during lunches and some mornings.  Come to Room E140 if store is closed.


Keep the following in classroom:
Three-ring binder w/tabs
or Notebook
Pen or pencil
Textbook and Workbook