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Mr. Longo​                    Room D204

English IV

Course Description:  The Senior English program of Piscataway High School is a comprehensive, rigorous Language Arts program for students who have demonstrated the ability and zeal necessary to succeed at an accelerated level of literary study. It enables students to develop extensive skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing with a view to becoming extremely adept at critical thinking and communicating.  Background Information: Senior English teaches students the rudiments of literary analysis and provides some classical literary background, including a working knowledge of the principal genres.  Senior English includes historical criticism (the effect of one period or author upon later periods or authors); discussions of philosophy and social attitudes found in literature; analysis of diction and style; and composition of analytical essays on the works studied.

Grading Distribution:

Writing/Tests 60%;
Homework and
class participation 10%

Creative Writing

Course Description: Creative Writing combines workshop (the majority of time) and instruction on the various genres of creative writing such as poetry, short story, novel, drama, TV/film script and non-fiction.  Students will complete common assignments to show mastery of each genre and independent assignments that allow them to follow their interests.  We will also explore the new forms of creative writing that have arisen as a result of technology such as the blog, web pages, etc.

Grading Distribution:

Marking Period Portfolio – 50%
Writing Journal- 25%
Class participation- 25%

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