Hamas, Chris

Welcome to Christopher Hamas' Classroom Website!

Room: D239
Grade(s)/Subjects(s):  10th English, 10th/11th AP Lit.

Contact Information
Email Address: chamas@pway.org
Phone number: (732) 981-0700 ext. 7015
Best time to reach me: e-mail anytime

Welcome to my website!  I have been teaching at Piscataway High School for sixteen years, specializing predominantly in British literature and teaching eleventh grade. This year I will be teaching a sophomore American literature class as well.
My classroom is an environment that stresses equality and mutual respect, and all school rules and policies are strictly enforced to ensure a safe, inviting, and productive atmosphere.
On this site you will find course syllabi and classroom information, and homework schedules. 

Grading Distribution


  • Writing: 30%
  • Projects: 25%
  • Tests: 20%
  • Quizzes: 15%
  • HW/CW: 10%

Class Syllabi are located in the documents section.

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