How to Sign Up For Vocabulary.com

Ms. Lupo



Step 1: Establish a Personal Email Account

If you have an existing email account, skip to Step 2. Don’t forget to record your username and password for safe keeping and future use.


Step 2: Create an Account on Vocabulary.com

  • Log onto http://vocabulary.com and click “Create Your Login”. Proceed with creating your account.

  • A confirmation email will be sent to you from Vocabulary.com to validate your account. Validate your account.

    Note: Utilizing Vocabulary.com via the internet is free, but if you choose to download the app on your phone there is a one-time charge of $2.99. Consider this as an investment, as you will be utilizing Vocabulary.com next school year as well.


    Step 3: Join Your Class

  • Log onto my English Department Staff Webpage on the Piscataway High School website

  • Under “Vocabulary Units” folder, find your designated class period and click on the link.

  • Once you have done so, log into your Vocabulary.com account to “join” the class.

Period 2  http://vocab.com/join/1GWGXAJ

Period 3 http://vocab.com/join/175FDC5

Period 4 http://vocab.com/join/CG10DM

Period 5 http://vocab.com/join/267WJDJ

Period 7 http://vocab.com/join/16G9SRV

Step 4: Learn the Vocabulary

  • You are now ready to start learning the assigned vocabulary lists. 

  • The unit to be studied will be listed under “Class Assignments”.

  • Click the unit, which will be highlighted in blue.

  • Learn the definitions and the words’ uses in context by clicking on the words for detailed examples.

  • Under the grey color block in the left hand corner, click on “Practice” to develop your understanding of the vocabulary using varied questions.



    Your time and scores are logged!