Neurohr-Pierpaoli, Mark

Welcome to "Mr. NP's" Class Website!

Grade: 9
Subject: English

Contact Information: Patton 105
Phone: 732-981-0700 (email preferred)


Welcome to Mr. NP's English 9 class.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How will I be graded in this class?

All assignments are graded on a points basis. Regular, daily classwork and homework is worth 10% of your overall grade and consists of graphic organizers and routine writing. Homework is often directly linked to the classwork we complete. Independent practice is critical for high achievement. Quizzes are worth 15% of the overall grade and include reading checks. Tests are 20% and include vocabulary tests. Projects are worth 25%. Writing assignments, including short writing assignments (1-2 paragraphs) are worth 30% of the overall grade. We do work every day, but not everything is graded. 

What character traits will distinguish me from my peers?

I believe that persistence, effort, and critical thinking are the most important "student" skills one can acquire. I believe that forming interests, opinions, and hobbies make for the most interesting people to speak with on a daily basis. I'm looking forward to knowing what's important to you. 

What's up with your last name, Mr. NP?

All will be revealed in time...
Who is Mr. NP?

Mr. NP is an English teacher by day, worldwide wanderer by summer vacation; Historical tour guide on the side. Lifelong Pokemon player (because video games are stories, too!), brand new father, and a loyal husband -- please note, that list is not in the correct order of importance. He loves reading and writing because it opens the world of exploration.
Mr. NP has arrived!