Storey, Damian

Welcome to Mr. Storey's Website!
  • AP English Language & Composition
  • English II Academic
  • Film Studies
ALL STUDENTS: Please visit for an in-depth look at our class structure and activities. Various assignments and links are available on this site for you to download. The site is updated regularly, so check in often!

Grade Breakdown

AP English
‚ÄčTests: 25%
Quizzes: 20%
HW/CW: 5%
Writing: 50%

English II Academic 
Tests:  20%
HW/CW: 10%
Writing: 30%

Film Studies
Film Viewing Notes: 40%
Film Class Participation: 40%
Tests/Writing: 20%

Mr. Storey’s Class Expectations

  1. Be Respectful.  In order to have a classroom where everyone feels comfortable enough to share ideas and ask questions, we all need to practice respect.  Remember the universal Golden Rule.
  2. Arrive on Time.  You have ample opportunity between bells to do all the “stuff” you may need to do (bathroom, water fountain etc.) and still arrive to class on time.  The time in between class is YOURS, so use that time efficiently and to your advantage; bathroom visits during class will only be granted in the case of an emergency.  (Recognize that cutting class, and unexcused lateness will result in failure as stated in the school policy.
  3. Come Prepared.  Come prepared to class every day.  This means always carrying pens and pencils, a notebook and appropriate text/novel for the day.  Additionally, all work assigned needs to be completed to ensure a productive class for yourself, as well as for your peers as group work (Socratic seminar, peer editing, etc.) is a major facet during class lessons.
  4. Stay Focused. I don’t believe in busy work, because that’s an insult to your time. So I expect you to work in a focused and respectful manner during class, because what I assign will make you a better student. This means cell phones (and their accessories) are silenced and placed in your bag or purse either before you walk into or right when you walk into my room. Do not ignore the power that little 2 ½ by 5 inch rectangle can have over you. You need to have a healthy respect for how that device can negatively impact all the important aspects of your life. We only have 60 minutes of class time together, so let’s use it productively.
  5. Turn in Work on Time.  You can assure yourself full credit for completed work that is handed in on time.  10% will be deducted for each day late after that up to three days; after which time your grade for that assignment will result in a 0%.
  6. In case you are absent.  Contact me at ASAP. Absences happen, but you can take steps to minimize the negative impact they can have on your learning.  Remember, you are responsible for any work that you miss while you are out, so once I receive your email I can send you any notes/work that you missed. 
  7. I am Here.  If you need help or have questions about anything at all, please do not hesitate to come see me.  I am available every day before school, or by appointment.

Contact Information:
  • 732-981-0700 x7017 (to leave a message)