Kochupurackal, Bensy

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Room 121

Contact Information: 

E-mail: bKochupurackal@pway.org

Phone:(732) 981 0700 
EXT: 7119

Office Hours: 
During HR and by appointment if necessary.

Class Room Rules

Basic Rule 01: Everything you do in class counts  


Basic Rule 02:  You are the only person responsible for you work and actions.

Course Syllabi
Koch_academic biology syllabus 19-20.doc

Koch_Honors Biology_ Syllabus 19-20.docx

Lab Safety 
Lab Safety Rules & Safety contract.doc

Grading Policy
Academic Biology 

10% Homework and Notebook Check

5 % Class Participation & Class Preparedness

10% Research Project(s) – Current Events and Term Projects

10 % Do Now 

35% Lab Reports & Lab Participation

 30% Quizzes & Tests





Academies Honors Biology 



 5% Homework

10% Current Events, Research, Projects

 25% Performance Assessments (Labs and Classwork)

 10% Formative Assessments (DO NOW Daily Quizzes)

  50% Summative Assessments (UNIT TESTS)