General Lab Safety Rules

General Laboratory Safety Rules

1. Laboratory Procedures should be read thoroughly before the procedure is begun and followed carefully

2. All safety equipment designated in the procedure must be worn from the beginning of the procedure until the lab is completed and the lab station cleaned up.

3. Follow all procedures carefully, using approved procedures and prescribed amounts of materials.

4. No labs may be performed unless a teacher is present and not until you are instructed to start.

5. Proper attire is mandatory:

a. Hair longer than shoulder length must be pulled back.

b. Closed toe shoes should be worn at all times

c. Dangling jewelry and / or rings should not be worn

6. Food and beverages are NEVER ALLOWED in the classroom.

7. Never put anything in your mouth except when instructed by the teacher.

8. Read all labels carefully and replace the cap or stopper immediately even if someone else is waiting.

9. Your lab area should always be dry, clean and uncluttered.

10. Know the location of all safety equipment and exits in the room.

11. Report all spills, accidents and injuries immediately to the teacher.  All spills must be cleaned up immediately.

12. Place broken glass in the proper receptacle and any paper refuse in the garbage can.

13. Never leave a heat source unattended, or place objects in or near the heat source unless instructed to do so.

14. Never heat a stoppered container.

15. Test tubes that are being heated should always be pointed AWAY from people.

16. Always add acid to water NEVER water to acid.

17. Never smell containers directly.  You should smell by “wafting”.

18. Report any unclean areas or broken equipment to the teacher immediately.

19. Never handle electric equipment with wet hands.  Never use electrical equipment if wet.

20. Never pick up a piece of glass, which has been heated unless you use the proper safety equipment.

21. Upon leaving the classroom, you should do the following:

a. Clean up your lab station.

b. Return all materials to the proper locations

c. Wash you hands with soap and water.

22. Listen to all directions.

23. All laboratory equipment should be handled as if it is incredibly expensive (it is!).



Last Modified on September 19, 2007