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Welcome to Human Anatomy / PHSIOLOGY  
HEALTH CAREERS I, II and Human Anatomy I !!! 

Human Anatomy and Physiology  for Health Careers I and II. Human Anatomy and Physiology

Grades 11/ 12
( Period 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 )

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Welcome to Human Anatomy/Physiology I, II Health Careers and Human Anatomy/Physiology Students and Parents !!!!!!
 Hello, my name is John Murphy. I am an Alum of Piscataway High School and a grauduate of of Montclair State University. I look forward to sharing my educational and professional experiences with all of my students during the school year. I have attached the syllabus to Human Anatomy/Physiology I, II Health Careers and for Human Anatomy/Physiology I.
I hope the syllabi will answer most if not all the questions you may have regarding Human Anatomy and Physiology Health Careers I and II.
My e-mail and phone number are posted above if you have any additional questions.

Understanding Human Anatomy and Physiology: 6th Edition  Longenbaker: 






Classroom Announcements & Special Projects:
  Grading Percentages 
        Tests - 40%
         Quiz-  25%
         Labs-  20%
      Homework-  5%
        Projects- 10%