Classroom Policies


For Mr. Shenkler's Class

Everybody in this class can learn Chemistry. I honestly believe it. If you put in the effort, I will not let you fail! However, there are rules that must be followed so that everyone has the opportunity to succeed. These rules are supplemental to regular school rules.

1)                  Safety First: Everyone should leave school with the same number of eyes, ears, hands, etc., that they came with. Willful violation of safety rules will not be tolerated.

2)                  Respect your fellow classmates: Everyone is here to learn in a climate of mutual respect. Disrespect directed at others will not be tolerated. Please leave your personal arguments at the door.

3)                  Please be on time for class: Yes, this school is gi-normous. I know you may be rushed to get to class, but the most important part of class is the first five minutes. Please respect my time, and I will respect yours. If you have difficulty making it to class on time for a legitimate reason, please come see me. If you are late, make sure you have a pass. School policy for lateness will be strictly enforced. You have been warned!

4)                  When you come into class, there may be a “Do Now” assignment. Do it. Now. It will count as a daily grade.

5)                  If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to find out what was missed and make it up. If you miss a class where homework was given,and class does not meet the next day due to block scheduling, you are still responsible for that assignment the next time we meet! All homework will be posted on my website and reminder texts sent to your phone. All worksheets will be available online. All missing grades will be shown on Genesis. There are no excuses for missing work!

                  Always be prepared for class. You MUST bring each of the following to class every day:         A Three-ring binder, a pen or pencil, and a scientific calculator!

These things will NOT be supplied! If we are having a test, and you show up with no calculator, well, you just learned the hard way….

7)                  Every assignment (labs, homework, classwork) and exams (tests and quizzes) are assigned points. Each of these categories receives an average, which then gives the overall average. THERE IS NO CURVE.

8)                  Tests and quizzes are based on the information received through textbook readings, lab work, or class discussions. It is imperative that you take notes during class.

9)                  You are responsible for all material covered everyday, whether you are present or not. Therefore, you can expect a quiz at any time.

10)              Prohibited speech: The following phrases may not be spoken:

“When in my life am I ever going to need to know this?”

“We have a test today?”

“What is this test on?”

“Can I retake this test?” (asked before the test has been graded)

“I am so going to fail this test.”

“I give up.”

11)              Homework may not be collected, but I will check it every day. It is in your best interest to give your best effort to your homework. Copying your friend’s homework will not get you anywhere. Late homework will not be accepted. No exceptions.

12)              Class participation is extremely important. For everyone. Speak up!

13)              Seats are assigned. Assignment may (or may not) vary over the course of the year. If you have a special concern about your seat assignment, please see me.

14)              Cornbread is not bread. Its cake.

15)              Only one student will be allowed to use the bathroom at one time. No one will be allowed to leave class in the first or last five minutes of the period. YOUR CELL PHONE WILL BE YOUR BATHROOM PASS. Just leave it in the “Cell Phone Caddy” on my desk before you leave, and pick it up when you return. If one is already there, you may not go. Make sure you bring the bassroom pass with you. If you don’t have a cell phone, you will have to go during a different class.

16)              Talking in class is strictly encouraged: I expect class to be a free discussion of ideas. However, talking must be relevant to our topic, and must be respectful.

17)              As with all science classrooms: No food or drink in class! At any time! Spills attract critters. We are dealing with chemicals in this room: You don’t want to ingest anything accidentally... 

18)              LEARN from each other. THINK for yourself.

19)              There are no stupid questions.

20)              IDK = F4U

21)              Accountability: Da Rulz are here to help guide your behavior. If you choose to break Da Rulz, then you will be held accountable for your decision. The first violation of Da Rulz will result in the presentation of the “Bad Attitude Card”. The second rule violation will result in a trip to see the grade level administrator. (You are still responsible for all material covered after your “walk-of-shame”!).

22)              With accountability comes reward: An outstanding effort will result in the presentation of the “Magical Scientist” card, universal status symbols to be envied and revered by all who look upon it. A perfect score on a test will result in another, yet to be discovered, fabulous prize that is not Rice-A-Roni, theSan Francisco treat….

23)              Pull up your pants! Seriously! Follow the dress code.

24)              Do not cut my class. Ever. I take it as a personal insult. You will incur my wrath. Just don’t do it.

25)              Use of the “n-word” is strictly forbidden! No exceptions. No arguments.

26)         Look for the “Electronics Permitted/No Electronics” sign in class, and follow it. If your phone rings during class, I will answer it and embarrass the person on the other end. Your cell phone may not be used as a calculator. Get a real calculator and have it with you every day.

27)         I like to play music during labs. Your music sucks. Don’t ask me to play it.

28)         Every worksheet has a front AND a back. Both sides are due when assigned.

29)       Breaking Bad was a TV show. I don't make meth. Please don't ask....

30)      ABSOLUTELY no talking or cell phone use during lockdown drills! You don't know that it's a drill, and I will not be shot because you can't keep your mouth shut! I will write it up.

31)              Keep all book-bags and purses under your desk. I know all of those cell-phone hiding tricks….

32)        Take your headphones out of your ears during class: I don't care if you aren't listening to anything. It's rude.

33)       In the lab you work as a team, but you report as an individual. I don't need to see two of the exact same lab reports. (See rule 18)

34)       Put the fidget spinners away. Now.

34)              Da Rulz are fluid. If you find any of these rules disagreeable, or if you have any additional rules you wish to propose, we can discuss it. Ultimately, final decision about the rules will be up to Mr. Shenkler.

35)           MOST IMPORTANT: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE see me for extra help if you are lost, struggling, confused, befuddled, etc. It shows me that you are a serious student, concerned about learning, and that goes a long way. If you are planning on staying for extra help, please let me know in advance. DO NOT SUFFER IN SILENCE! I AM HERE TO HELP YOU!