Cregar-Porch, Holly

Welcome to Mrs. Cregar-Porch's Classroom!

Grades 9-10
A.P. World Hisotry
Honors U.S. I History
Contact Information (the best way)
732-981-0700 Ext. 7096 (voicemail only)
Please leave a message and I will return your call.

 Classroom Announcements

All syllabi are posted under useful link to the left and on my Schoology website. Each student has a log in for the Schoology website. 

Grading Schema for AP & Honors classes
Tests/Quizzes 35%
Projects/Classwork 35%
Writing Tasks (Short Answer/Free Response/DBQ's) 30%
*Summer Assignments are 5% of the first marking period grade

 Classroom Quick Links
  • Link to Honors US I textbook site
  • Link to MLA Handbook site
  • Link to Schoology