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US History II
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Assignments, Due Dates, resources and course materials are now all kept on

Parents can also have access to schoology. See attached letter below for instructions. 
Schoology Letter to Parents- HS.doc

Students must have a 3 ring binder, folder, highlighters, assignment calendar/agenda each day in class to be successful in this course.

Grade Distribution:

The following grading scheme will remain the same for each of the four marking periods

30% Tests & Quizzes
35% Classwork
35% Projects/Writing (Esaays, SAQ's DBQ's)


Grading Policy:

In accordance with school policy, the following grade distribution will be used to calculate the final grade for this course:


22% - First Marking Period

22% - Second Marking Period

22% - Third Marking Period

22% - Fourth Marking Period

12% - Final Examination

See schoology for upcoming assignments and activities. You can also view your progress as well as due dates and grades on genesis.The assignments that follow are samples of the content and assignments that you will be working on in schoology this year. 

The United States established immigration quota laws in the 1920’s to reduce the flow of immigrants to the U.S.. All nations would be reduced to 2% of the number of immigrants from that country who were living in the U.S. as counted in the 1890 census. Analyze the data from History Matters and and answer the questions below..

Who was shut out?

Were the quotas fair? Explain.

Final Review Padlet 2 Truths and a Lie
Period 2 Two Truths and a Lie Padlet.docx

Period 4 US2 Padlet


Are you Conservative or Liberal? What is your politics?


Part 1: Go to the following link and take the survey;


What was your rating? Do you agree or disagree?



Part 2: Which candidate best fits your political views for the 2016 presidential race?


Which candidate/political party matched your selections? Do you agree? 

Cold War Study Guide
Cold War Review sheets.doc

Socratic Seminar on the decision to drop the Atomic Bomb
Bomb DBQ.docx

Dictators Today Project
Dictators Today (2).docx

Mapping the Dust Bowl Online
Mapping the Dust Bowl Assignment.docx

1920's Speakeasy Project
SPEAKEASYfacebook PROJECT knox 2016.doc

World War I Jeopardy: Play alone or choose a partner.
Be careful, it's hard!

Test Prep Flash Cards for WW1

Schenck v. The United States
You are the Judge, Is he innocent and protected by the 1st amendment or did he violate the Espionage act and weaken national security during WW1? Write a 3 paragraph decision brief, (see document tab for Document A, C and F for this assignment. 

World War I Propaganda assignment
WW1 posters online collection analysis activity.docx

WW1 propaganda poster analysis.docx

Causes of WW1 Web Activity
WW1 MAIN web lesson (3).docx

US Expansion/Imperialism
Bubble Map Project

Early Civil Rights
Trading Card Project BTW v. WEB
Trading Card Project BTW v WEB.docx
Poem With Two Voices Project
Poem w 2 Voices BTW WEB.doc
poem_for_two_voices_template BTW v WEB.doc
Extra Credit: Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Project
J. Lawrence Migration project.docx

Great Migration Station Activity
grt migration.pdf

Read the teacher background on the bottom of page 3 through page 4.

Use the 1st page of packet I gave you to analyze the 6 paintings of Jacob Lawrence on pages 19, 21, 23, 25, 27 and 29.

Use the second page or the backside of page 1 and select 5 letters to analyze and complete on the chart. Letters are on pages 11-13.

Analyze the 5 poems/songs on the same chart (pages 15-18)

On Thursday the last part is due. Use the Story Board chart to develop a story board for a potential documentary on the Great Migration.

lash activity, The Road to Equality (6-12)
H/W Flash Activity: The Road to Equality

Progressive Movement
Andrew Carnegie Wealth June 1889.docx
capitalism v socialism.docx
Progressive Era through the eyes of the Muckrakers.docx
Progressive Era Test Review Game
Speed match Progressive Era review game.docx
Review Progr. test.docx

Illustrated Immigration Time Line Project
Immigration Time Line Assignment 2015.docx
Immigration Time Line research notes 2014.docx
immigration timeline rubric .docx
Test Review US2 Immigration.doc
Do Now Test Practice immigration.docx
See PowerPoint for Review Game

Past Assignments

Baby Boom Net-investigation
The Baby Boom Net investigation.docx

VN WAR Born on the Fourth of July Assignment
Born on the 4th of July assignment..docx

Civil Rights Test Period 4, April 28; Period 2 April 30
Civil Rights Study Guide.docx

Midterm Review Flashcards

Flash cards for midterm.docx

Midterm Review Game

midterm millionare game US2 15.pptx

WW1 Propaganda Poster Analysis
wwiPropaganda PPT all nations.ppt

Vietnam EraAnti-War Propaganda and Protest; Primary Sources
Vietnam buttons and posters Primary Sources.doc

Island Hopping assignment
Island Hopping and Pacific Casualties of WWII.docx

History Mystery; Japanese Internement
Japanese internemnt activity closure reflection.docx

US2 Midterm Study Guide
MidTerm Review 2014.docx
US2 Midterm Review Game
US2 Midterm Review Game.pptx
Older PPt version
US2 Midterm Review Game PPt972003.ppt

WW1 Propaganda Poster Analysis on the Web
WW1 posters online collection.docx
WW1 propaganda poster analysis.docx

Civil Rights Test . Study notes, handouts and homework along with Chapter 29 section 1 & 2 from the text book.
Civil Rights Study Guide

Go to  the following link and play the civil rights review games and online quizzes to prepare for the test.

Atomic Bomb: Top Secret Memo
HIstory Mystery: Japanese American Internment. Go to PowerPoint file for this project. You will need to complete the Forensic Report handouts for stages 1-4 to solve the mystery. March 2013.
After you complete the Forensic report click on the link below and answer the following question on the back of your report.
What did you learn from this source that was missing in the government film or the documents from the History Mystery?
Naive Perspective- Japanese Internment Story
America Becomes a World Power (Imperialism and expansion)
Test 12/19/12 Chptr. 18, notes, maps and quotes
Booker T. Washington & WEB DuBois
The announcements and attachments below reflect some of the work we did last year in this course and are listed in reverse order. Scroll down to the end to find information on MP1.
It is Review Time and here's the final exam review packet for the US2 exam.
The 4th MP is here and we are investigating WWII with lessons on Pearl Harbor, D-Day, Japanese-Internment and the Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb. See calendar for assignments. Top Secret Memo assignment on the decision to use the atomic Bomb is listed below. Scroll down to highlighted section. 
Civil Liberties in Wartime is the final unit for the semester. Students will analyze documents and take a position on the landmark Supreme Court Case, Schenk v. The United States
Midterm Review
Progressive Era Digital history assignment
MuckRaking: Jacob Riis Photojournalist
Photo Analysis Worksheet
A Poem of Two Voices (BTW & WEB)
Classroom Quick Links