Sudfield, Lisa
Hear Ye! Hear Ye!Welcome to the wonderful

world of Mrs. Sudfield's History classes!!

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Here are a few things ALL Students need for class:

1. Print out first day of school forms for your respective class. Each student needs the last page of class info and syllabus as well as the movie permission slip signed and filled in. If for some reason you have no access to a printer, please let me know and I will get a copy of the paperwork to you 
let me know!!   
2. Have a notebook or binder for class AT ALL TIMES. Sophomore humanities students, please follow what is in the syllabus.

3. Have index cards, pens/pencils, and for AP US Kids: PLEASE CHECK BOARD FOR WHEN YOU NEED Your AP REVIEW BOOK !!

4. to help when doing a works cited page, the following websites can help:

5. And we now have ALL VITAL class info at the following website:

**The Following Grade Schema Information is available on the Syllabus Form signed during the first week of school. It is provided here as a "QUICK REFERENCE"
Tests and Quizzes: 35%
Projects: 35%
Writing and DBQs: 20%
Classwork and Homework: 10%

USI/LAW Syllabus
APUSH Syllabus