Wernlund, Ryan

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Grade: 11th
Subject: Honors United States History II and United States History II Survey/International Relations
Room: D235 (East Wing)
Office Hours: 6:45-7:10 AM and after school by advance appointment only

Contact Information:
E-mail: rwernlund@pway.org
Phone: (732) 981-0700 ext. 7055
The best way to reach me is via email, as I check it twice daily.

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Required Materials:
Three-ring binder (dividers optional)
Pen (blue or black ink), highlighter, pencil
Folder and notebook (or loose-leaf paper)
Art supplies (as needed)

Honors United States History II Course Description:
United States History 2 is a full-year course designed to fulfill 5 credits of the United States History 2 graduation requirement.  The United States History 2 program will provide Piscataway High School students with a comprehensive understanding of United States history from the American imperial period to modern times.  Students will understand various cultural, economic, geographic, intellectual, political, psychological, and social factors that contributed to the development of the United States.  Students will interpret historical events, empathize and sympathize to the issues raised in each unit, and research major events that occurred in each unit.   
United States History II Survey/International Relations Course Description:

US History II Survey/International Relations is a 5-credit, full-year course for the 11th grade, and satisfies your US History II graduation requirement.  We start with the dawn of the 21st century, looking in depth at Imperialism and the Progressive Era, moving through both world wars and up to the present day.  We will then switch over to International Relations in the 2nd semester and discuss the modern world and how the United States interacts with different members of the global community. This class will focus on relevant factual information and use it as a vehicle to develop important life skills that you will need in the next stage of your life.  This classroom will be a safe, fun, intellectual environment and community for all of us.

 Classroom Expectations:

Be ON TIME to class with all class materials.

Be respectful in class at all times.

Be an active participant in your education.

Be prepared to make up any missed assignments immediately.

Complete all assigned work ON TIME. NO LATE WORK IS ACCEPTED.

Grading Policies:

PHS Grade Distribution:

22% - Marking Period 1
22% - Marking Period 2
22% - Marking Period 3
22% - Marking Period 4
12% - Final Examination

Honors United States History II:

15% - Class Participation
15% - Course Readings
30% - Projects and In-Class Activities
40% - Tests and Writing

United States History II Survey/ International Relations:

15% - Homework
25% - Quizzes, Class Work, Participation, and Preparedness
25% - Projects and Writing Assignments
35% - Tests