Herits, Monica

Welcome to Mrs. Herits' Senior/Junior English Classrooms!
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Phone: 732.981.0700 X 7143                    

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This year, we will be focusing on the three ways that we connect to a text: text-to-self, text-to-text, and text-to-world    
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Class Schedule:
Period 1 - English 4 RP
Period 2 - English 4 LLD
Period 4 - English 4 RP
Period 5 - English 4 RP
Period 6 - English 4 RP
Period 7 - English 3 RP

*All classes are scheduled to meet in B105*

English III RP.docx
English IV LLD.doc
English IV RP.doc

Grading Policy:
H.W.  10%
Classwork  25%
Essays/Projects  30%
Tests  20%
Quizzes 10%
Class Participation 5%

Just a word or two about my background...
I have a BA from Hunter College, CUNY and received my certification as Teacher of the Handicapped from Keane University. 
**Please note: Homework assignments are posted on calendar. Class pace may vary, necessitating a change in homework assignments for that day.**