Voigt, Melissa


The Special Education Department at Piscataway High School offers an outstanding and comprehensive program.  Resource program and special program classes are available in English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies on all grade levels.  Additionally, there are in-class support options in those areas.  Students are provided instruction related to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards using the general education curriculum and supplemented with appropriately modified materials as needed. 

Program decisions are made with the parents and students during each child’s annual review meeting with the IEP team prior to entering the high school.  The IEP team consists of the case manager, parent(s)/guardian(s), general education teacher, special education teacher, and any other necessary personnel as part of the decision making process for your child’s individualized program.  Once reaching the high school level, the student and their counselor/transition coordinator are an integral part of the IEP team.  Decisions for all courses are based on the individual needs of the student.


The high school also houses full time Child Study Team (CST) services.  Presently, the CST is comprised of a learning disabilities-teacher consultant, two school social workers, and a school psychologist.  The CST provides direct as well as consultative services to students, parents, and teachers.  Additionally, two transition coordinators/school counselors work exclusively with the special needs’ students to assist them with their high school program and to successfully prepare them for post high school life.


Contact Information:

Melissa Voigt, Supervisor of Special Education

                       PHS Child Study Team                          

                           Maryann Thein, Social Worker (x2272)                              

Magdalena Adamczyk, LDT-C (2028)

Doreen Thaxton Social Worker (x2279)    

Amy Stemper, Psychologist (x2268)

Transition Coordinators/Counselors

Brian Wischusen (x2224)

                                                                Jill Fraticelli (x2450)