Classroom Policies

Classroom Policies are detailed in the Course Syllabus. Here is a sampling of some of the important rules and the 3rs...

Safety Rules


  1. Horse Play is not permitted in the Lab
  2.  Instructor’s permission is required before operating equipment.
  3. Machines not operating properly are to be immediately shut OFF and reported to the Instructor.
  4. Food and drinks are not permitted in the classroom – computers are to be kept clean.
  5. Video and digital cameras must be handled with care.
The computers are to be used only for project work during class time. Noncompliance with computer rules will automatically result in loss of Lab Performance points, the student will be removed from the equipment for the day, and assigned Teacher Detention.
The Studio 3Rs

To learn and perform assignments to your fullest potential when the bell rings at the start of class

Follow instructions and any directions each day


Responsible for your own learning:

Bring notebook, pencil or pen and other necessary materials to class

Complete all assignments

Take any notes, quizzes or tests missed

Follow safety rules and procedures

Clean up by returning materials, tools, project, and folder

Comply with computer usage policy – no games or inappropriate web sites.



          Yourself, your work, your classmates, and your instructor

Refrain from foul language, threats, intimidation, or bullying 
“Kind words or No words”

Respect personal space and belongings (Keep your hands, feet, and other items in your own space.)


The learning of others

Be quiet during lectures, discussion times, videos, etc.

Adjust your voice to a tone that does not interfere with the learning or safety of others


School Property - the classroom and materials

          Off-limit areas defined by the Instructor


All other School policies and rules are strictly followed in this classroom.

Last Modified on September 7, 2009