Classroom Policies




Instructor:         Ms. Veronica Ber, Room F108 (East Wing – Susan B. Anthony)

Courses:            Spanish I & II          

Contact:            Room F108 (Anthony Wing)

                          (732) 981-0700, X7040


Dear Students (Parents please read) :


¡Bienvenidos a un nuevo año escolar!  Welcome to a new school year!   You have chosen to learn Spanish as a second language and there are many good reasons to learn this wonderful language:


  • According to the CIA World Factbook, as of 2005 Spanish is the second most popular language in the world with 350 million native speakers (English had 340 million).


  • Learning a second language often strengthens your ability to learn English. When you learn the structure of others languages, you gain a deeper understanding of how English is constructed.


  • English and Spanish have many common word roots, which makes Spanish one of the easiest languages for an English speaker to learn. In addition, learning Spanish can help you increase your vocabulary in English.


  • Additionally, the ability to communicate in different languages helps when interacting with people from other cultures and gives you a broader understanding of the world and culture around you and it’s multicultural influences.
In order to succeed in this course you must commit to the following expectations:

  • Pay Attention
A lot of information will be given to you in the form of notes, oral exercises and activities that need your absolute attention and dedication in order to take full advantage of this course and have a successful year.

  • Arrive on time
You have 6 minutes passing time and there will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule!!!! Once my classroom door is closed you will automatically be assigned detention. You will receive a verbal warning the first tardy, a call home will be made on your second tardy, and as of the third tardy you will receive a pink slip. Note:Detention this year is held from Monday through Thursday and you will be held two hours after school!!!!!

  • No cell phones, I-PODs, etc.

They are not to be seen or heard in school, you do not need them in the classroom, and it is inappropriate to make use of these devices during school and class instruction!!!! NO EXCEPTIONS. Any electronic devices will be confiscated and the proper procedures will be followed and enforced.


  • A positive attitude

Learning a second language takes practice and dedication, but it can be a lot of fun to learn to communicate with others in a new way, so bring your best attitude to class and it will make the process much more enjoyable and easier in the long run.

You will need the following materials for this class:


  • Notebook/Binder for taking notes
  • Folder for keeping handouts and class/study materials
  • Pen/Pencil



Each student’s grade will be broken into the following components:


  • Homework                                           10%
  • Class work/Participation                        25%
  • Quizzes                                                30%
  • Tests/Presentations/Projects                  35%


Extra help is available upon request: Please see me and we will arrange a convenient meeting time; I am flexible and can work around different schedules.

For this course you will be using the following textbook:


Realidades I, Peggy Paolo Boyles, Myriam Met, Richard S. Sayers, Carol Eubanks Wargin


You will have full access to an online version of the textbook:


Online Textbook: (login and password setup will be completed during class time in the next few weeks)


NOTE: All students will have online access to the textbook. A classroom set of textbooks will be used for individual and pair activities, as well as the online textbook used on an LCD projector during class. If a student wishes to work from a hard copy version of the textbook, one will be assigned upon request and he/she will be responsible for the safekeeping of that copy.


If we work together with a positive attitude with the goal of exploring the great advantages of learning Spanish and its culture, we will not only be learning an extremely useful and rich language, but we’ll have a great time in the process.


Please make sure that your parent/guardian reads this letter and that the bottom portions is signed.


You will be handing this letter back to me with the bottom portion signed: I will then make a copy  and return it to you to keep in your folder.


¡Bienvenidos a mi clase y buena suerte!!!!




Ms. Ber

I have fully read this letter and I am aware of the materials, rules and expectations put forth by Ms. Ber for this course.  I agree to bring a positive attitude to the class and to try my best so that I can succeed in this course.

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Note to parent:  If possible, please provide an e-mail address where I can contact you if necessary. It is a convenient way of communicating since our phones do not ring during class instruction and I have access to my e-mail on a constant basis. If you prefer to call, please refer to my contact information at the top of this letter; I check my voicemail regularly after-school and I will return your call as soon as possible. 


Thank you

Last Modified on November 25, 2008