Homework Policies and Tips

All assignments may be subject to change, based on student or teacher need and schedules.
Dear Parents and Students:
In regards to homework assignments for my class, I do not assign daily written homework on a regular basis.  I will be assigning periodical online homework with activities and due dates that will be posted on this site.  I assign review packets approximately a week before the test and you will find the assignments and due dates for review packets and oral and written exams on my calendar. I like to keep a close watch on the progress of each student so I prefer to monitor the progress of written and oral work within the classroom.  
That said, I do have a standing homework assignment for all my students for the year which is to review the current vocabulary and notes daily (between 5-10 minutes).  As a teacher I give alot of notes in the course of the year and I have students complete any written work in their notebooks so they have a record of all the topics covered in class.  These notes are actively used in class when reviewing vocabulary and grammar and as a reference when completing classwork and when reviewing for test. 
I strongly recommend that student do the following when reviewing their notes:
  1. Read aloud the vocabulary and expressions currently covered; saying things aloud helps with pronunciation and vocabulary retention.
  2. Have someone quiz you on the vocabulary; for example, they say the word in English and you tell them what it is in Spanish.
  3. Keep track of the vocabulary and expressions you already know  (look for cognates, check off what you already know in your notes), this way it seems a lot less to study and by the time a quiz or a test comes around all you have to do is a quick review.
  4. Try to use the Spanish you've learned in your daily life; greet your friends in Spanish, teach your family some of the expressions you learned in class, practice with a friend that is also taking Spanish in school.
If students follow these study tips, keep their notebooks updated, complete test review packets and submit them on time, they will definitely be successful in Spanish class and will find the language fun and very useful in their lives.
Señorita Ber
Last Modified on September 2, 2009