Herrera, Amarfi

Welcome to Ms. Amarfi Herrera's classroom!

Room 178, 9/10 West Wing

AP Spanish and Span. IV

Contact Information
Email Address:
Phone number: (732) 981-0700 Ext. 7073. If you have an emergency call the main office at Ext. 2215 or 2217 and they will contact me.

Best time to reach me: Before, after school and during my preparation  Per. 6

See my calendar for special events, activities, assignments and projects.
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"All assignments are subject to change, based on student or teacher need and schedule"
Look for comments next to the student's grade from time to time.
I hope to see many parents on "Back to School Night" .
You,  can also learn a new language!
¡Ven! Te invito a que conozcas un mundo y una cultura nueva.

  Classroom Quick Links
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 Classroom Announcements,
 Activities &  Special Projects:
  I) Interactive journals-journal notebook required
  II) Oral/Written presentations on :
       a) Latin America's countries
       b) Latin America's painters
       c) Latin America's athletes
       d) Latin America's artists
       e) Spanish scientists
        f) Movies and television shows
 III) The use of Audacity presentations   
           (recorded presentations)
 IV) Skits ( 2-4 students per groups):
         spontaneous and rehearsed.
 V) Personality/Talent Pageant
 VI) Game shows
 VII) Talk shows
 VIII) Quarterly Projects:
  A) Collages
  B) Brochures
  C) Commercials
  D) Porfolios
  E) Plays