Welcome to " Sra Jurado-Moran's" Class 

Spanish 1

Contact Information:
Glennysha Jurado-Moran
Dept. Chair World Languages/ESL
Phone:732.981.0700 ext. 2244

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Grading Policy
20% Interpretive
20% Interpresonal
20% Presenatational
20% Quizzes
20% Class Participation-Classwork-HW

 Classroom Announcements :
Hispanic Heritage Month
Day of the Dead 

The goal of the study of another language is to develop the ability to communicate in that language. Through active engagement in meaningful use of the language students develop a variety of skills that allow them to use the language they are studying. Specifically students learn to:

  • comprehend reading and listening materials in the target language (interpretive skills)
  • engage in conversations with speakers of the language (interpersonal skills)
  • present information and ideas in both written and spoken formats (presentational skills)

Learning a new language can be a fun, interesting and challenging experience. Your child will learn and produce language similarly to how they learned their first language. Encourage your child to practice. They can enrich their learning by watching Spanish T.V (telemundo or univision), using the “SAP” feature on the remote control of the T.V to switch the spoken language of their favorite show, listening to Spanish radio 96.3 & 97.9 &, changing the language of their favorite DVD’s and exploring websites such as Yahooenespanol.com. Please be sure to supervise these venues the same way you would English language ones. 
This school year, textbooks will not be assigned to take home. The important book will be the notebook. If your child has difficulty keeping a notebook organized, I am available by to assist them. I am available before and after school to assist with homework or if extra help is needed. Your child just has to ask for a pass.  I will be using Remind for HW, give reminders of upcoming quizzes/tests/assignments and as a means of informal communication with students and parents.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at school (732) 981-0700 ext. 2244 or you may e-mail me at GJurado-Moran@pway.org
Señora Jurado-Moran