College, Career, and Personal Guidance Department

Deidre Ortiz
Director of Pupil Services
732-572-2289 x 2554

Theresa Edmondson
Supervisor of Counseling, Grades 9-12
732-981-0700 x 2232

Dr. Deborah Dawson
Supervisor of K-8 Counseling and
Behaviorists, and K-12 Health Services 
732-981-0700 x 2075

Linda Pols
District Counseling Secretary
732-981-0700 x 2024

Piscataway High School


Betty Snyder, Secretary ext 2231

sa  jm
Shirley Aviles Jennifer Mandell-McHenry
ext. 2027 ext. 2450

sp  rw

Shar-Mekka Pernell  Rodney West
ext. 2238 ext. 2227

    Rick Brown
    ext. 2226 

Rosie Nemes, Secretary x 2222

kc  mk
Kelly Chilakos Mark Kiang
ext. 2228 ext. 2234
pn nm
Patricia Nazaire Nicole Martelli
ext. 2237 ext. 2236

bw  bo
Brian Wischusen Benita Ogburn-McLean
ext. 2224 Counselor on Special 
Assignment, HIB
ext. 2003