English Clubs & Activities
Do you like to write or perform? Then one of our clubs may be for you!  Get involved at PHS, meet new people, and have fun! Check out the clubs/activities that our English teachers advise here at PHS:

Chieftain Newspaper: Mr. Foglyano and Mrs. Dionisio

Creative Writing Club: Mrs. Alonso
Meeting are every Friday after school in Room 145.

Class Advisors

  • Class of 2016: Mrs. Strafer and Mrs. Severino
  • Class of 2017: Mr. Horan
  • Class of 2018: Mrs. Dionisio
  • Class of 2019: Ms. Perry

Drama Club: Mr. Hall and Mr. Viola

Guitar Club: Mr. Horan

The Guitar Club offers students with a passion for music a place to meet, create, and develop.  We are looking forward to putting on more concerts this year featuring our club members. We meet every other Wednesday in room 205.

PROOF [Poetic Representives of Optimism and Faith]: Mr. Hamas

Proof meets every Wednesday from 2-3 pm in D239. We offer a constructive and inviting atmosphere for students to find inspiration, meaningful feedback, and a place for their voices to be heard. Each week, we focus on a new topic to generate poetry.

SGA (Student Government Association): Mr. Longo

SGA meetings every Monday in D204 at 2pm