Dr. Matthew Ritchie - Assistant Principal

Dr. Ritchie


Welcome Classes of 2018 & 2019!                                                              

I’m excited and proud to serve as your Assistant Principal for the 2016-2017 school year. As you walk through the doors to Piscataway High School remember that your High School years are a memorable journey.  Sure, you will have the same anxious excitement that comes with the beginning of each school year.  But, you will also have the unparalleled feeling of knowing that you are entering a phase of your life that can truly be the best four years of your life.  Please, don’t get overwhelmed, but in case you do, always know that you literally have hundreds of staff members here who are happy to help you through your journey.

As you begin to sit in your classes, and work with fellow students and teachers, you will see that every staff member in this building takes your education very seriously.  Each administrator/teacher/support staff member has made a choice to work extremely hard to provide every student with the most rigorous academic experience possible. With rigor also comes high expectations, and I request that each of you take the time to review your student handbooks.  This will allow you and your parents/guardians to see exactly what will be expected of you during your time here.   

When you are not studying or strengthening your academic progress, I encourage all of you to get involved with the High School Community and embrace our culture of “becoming a Chief.”  As an alumni of Piscataway High School, I can attest to the memories and the skills I will always have as a result of being a student-athlete here.  I hope each of you takes the opportunity to examine the various sports, clubs, and activities we offer here at Piscataway High School.  I have no doubt that all of you have many talents that can be further displayed and appreciated by being an active member of one or several of these organizations. 

If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding activities, classes, or anything else related to your experience here, I encourage you to reach out to your counselor, teachers, or grade level dean.  These professionals will be more than happy to help you become acclimated to our school environment. 

Finally, if I can ever be of any help to you, please don’t hesitate to stop me in the hallways or come see me.  My office is located in the Patton main office, and Ms. Doll will be more than happy to inform me of your request.  If you ever need to reach me after school hours, please have your parent/guardian email me or call me, and I will be sure to respond as quickly as possible. 

Dr. Matthew T. Ritchie

Assistant Principal for the Classes of 2018 & 2019
Phone: (732) 981-0700 ext. 2219